Survivors of Domestic Violence


Targeted Mission

The Foundation seeks to provide mental, emotional, and financial support to survivors of domestic abuse. The Foundation will be a resource for those suffering and recovering from abuse, by providing temporary shelter and necessities to those who are struggling. Improving the quality of life for survivors of domestic violence is critical in bringing about bigger change. Based upon concepts of the medicine wheel, a holistic approach that incorporates physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being and healing, the Foundation’s message of healing will be family centered and culturally informed to help survivors build inner strength. The Foundation will provide a safe space for community members where they can receive health services in a place that is inviting and welcoming focusing on holistic care for each community survivor and achieving positive outcomes in physical, behavioral, and economic health. This is critically important in order to increase the stability of these individuals and within their families to relieve stressors that are obstacles to positive growth and quality of life.