Substance Abuse Preventions & Treatment

Targeted Mission

The Foundation understands that the physical, mental, and economic traumas of the Indigenous people(s) are intertwined and that there are concurrent disorders such as mental health, chemical abuse, domestic violence, suicide ideation, and physical violence issues that need to be addressed holistically.  An inclusive approach must be taken to address these traumas and the resulting generational disparities that continue to fuel substance abuse and its ills.  To propose a single solution will not in itself produce healthier individuals, capable of self-care and stability; rather, a multi-pronged approach must be taken.  In addition to providing mental, chemical, and behavioral support, the Foundation will also extend case management and resources for those suffering or recovering from chemical and substance abuse, as well as educate the community about their effects.  The Foundation seeks to provide a holistic and traditional approach, integrating our traditional healing ceremonies and practices with modern day counseling and therapy.