The Blessing Way: Native American Flute, Chanting and Drumming

The wind whistling through Arizona’s Canyon de Chelly and songbirds that make that beautiful canyon their home, join the flute, drumming, and chanting of Native American performer, Perry Silverbird, in a tribute to his land and culture in The Blessing Way.

The listener is transported to a rocky ridge within the canyon as the sun rises and the birds awaken. Perry Silverbird begins the melodious poetry of his small reed flute. The music seems to spiral through the canyon, echoing off its massive red walls. As the sun moves higher, his drumming commences like the pulsing rhythm of the earth. Far away, there is chanting. It draws nearer and surrounds the listener with the cleansing of The Blessing Way, a sacred Navajo ceremony. Gradually, while the sunlight fades and the canyon turns to twilight, the chanting and drumming fade as well. When the lone flute finally ceases and the birds have nested for the night, all that is left is the wind whistling once again through the haunting darkness of Canyon de Chelly. The Blessing Way was recorded on location in the Navajo Nation’s spectacular Canyon de Chelly (pronounced Shay), in the northeastern corner of Arizona. The musical performances are crystal clear and the sounds of nature are quite remarkable, making the combination both uplifting and calming.

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About the Artist

Perry Silverbird is a sensitive, yet powerful young man, peaceful and meditative; characteristics which shine through in his music. He calls it free spirit music, the message of God by way of his flute, his drum, and his voice. It is his father who gave Perry Silverbird his name, the Gentle Flute Poet.

A fourth generation performer, Perry Silverbird has been a musician since the age of seven. This is his first solo release, although his melodious native flute is also heard on The World in Our Eyes: A Native American Vision of Creation. The masterful double compact disk and double cassette was produced and narrated by Perry’s father, J. Reuben Silverbird, who is also the producer of The Blessing Way. The two men have a close relationship, father guiding son, in the Native American tradition.

Because he and his family were always on the road, Silverbird was able to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds. These experiences found their way into his music, creating a sound that appeals to a broad range of people. His Native American heritage has also been a driving force in his music and his strong tie with this legacy, as well as with nature, can be clearly seen throughout his works.


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