Crystle Lightning Presents: Indigenous Legends: Extraordinary Native Women

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Crystle Lightning presents Indigenous Legends: Extraordinary Native WomenLaduke, Montano, Mankiller, Tallchief:These activists, poets, and athletes,These politicians, musicians, and doctors,Each raised the bar. Each blazed a trail.They rebelled against injustice,broke rules, and defied limitations.All are groundbreaking Native women.If you’re collecting good medicine, you’ll find it in these pages. This book is hours and hours of detailed artwork that will fill heads with wisdom and hearts with Woman Pride! A great tool for Art Therapy and Stress Relief for people of all ages! . What are you waiting for?…Break out that 64pack of crayons and color me Indigenous!Not only is this a coloring but a great educational tool for kids and adults by containing well know Natives from the past and from the present. Every native contains small detail of what makes them so great.



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