Living Villages (Healing)​

Targeted Mission

The Foundation will build living villages for the benefit of the Indigenous community. The villages will archive, preserve and promote our Indigenous story (as opposed to being trapped in mischaracterized colonial history), language, traditions, culture, education, health, social, and economic well-being of individuals and of the tribal community. The village will utilize the medicine wheel philosophy, which teaches that the four parts of each human being: physical, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual, are equally important and when balanced can create internal peace, harmony, and interconnectedness with the Creator. The village, based on cultural values and traditions, will seek to bring community and family members together to empower them to find solutions for common problems, implementation of those solutions, and to serve as a link between local solutions and mainstream services appropriate to the Indigenous communities. Visitors who seek to stay at the village will be provided with this holistic approach to find their balance and learn trust and integrity: a path to achieving self-sufficiency and autonomy. The living / healing village staff will provide culturally responsive programs and education opportunities that benefit families and the community alike, including such activities as basket weaving, flint knapping, cooking, dancing, gardening, and learning Indigenous languages.

With a firm foundation of community-based strategies, the villages will also promote balance through natural pathetic remedies a strategy to emphasize the notion that leadership, self-governance, programs, and participants are all vital and necessary to balance one another. This organizational pattern will be used to develop and implement the programs that will serve the Indigenous communities, and maintain a holistic perspective that is true to the nature of the Medicine Wheel.