Seven Missions

There is a long and complex relationship between the American Indian (hereinafter referred to as the “Indigenous”) communities and the colonial powers that came to be known as Brazil, the Caribbean, Canada, Mexico, and United States. Lately, much of the relationship is attempting to move beyond the historical trauma and begin to forge new paths. Lenape Path Foundation and Harvest Share, LLC ( hereinafter “Foundation”) is designed to be in alignment with United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, to promote and support the emotional, physical, behavioral, and spiritual well-being of the Indigenous communities. By providing comprehensive integrated services for all age groups, the Foundation seeks to encourage youth development, community cultural enrichment, workshops, along with support and community engagement opportunities to homeless, veterans, and disadvantaged Indigenous. Additionally, the Foundation seeks to confront the ills plaguing our community with substance abuse aid, treatment services, and support for domestic abuse survivors whilst providing outreach to the community at large.

Land Management

- Conservation - Environmental

Living Villages (Healing)

The villages will archive, preserve and promote our Indigenous story in the form of language, traditions, culture, education, health, social, and economic well-being of individuals and of the tribal community


Cultivate a new generation of Indigenous leaders who demonstrate healthy lifestyles and confidence in their heritage. Educating the youth in the Indigenous communities about their culture and heritage will empower and enable them to become active participants in any community,

Cultural Programs

Preserve traditional languages and traditions for the generations, as well as sharing the Indigenous legacy with the unfamiliar. Providing Indigenous families with programs and services in traditional values and culture, as well as reacquiring our-story

Substance Abuse Treatment & Preventions

The Foundation seeks to provide a holistic and traditional approach, integrating our traditional healing ceremonies and practices with modern day counseling and therapy.

Homeless Food & Housing Programs

Teach people how to fish, rather than just giving them a fish. The Foundation’s mission is to help the Indigenous people(s) and their families meet their immediate needs – be it food, water, and shelter – while implementing and supporting programs designed to create opportunities for self-sufficiency and regaining self-esteem.

Survivors of Domestic Voilence

A resource for those suffering and recovering from abuse, by providing temporary shelter and necessities to those who are struggling. Improving the quality of life for survivors of domestic violence is critical in bringing about bigger change.